CM Casa is a petite home renovation company that had it start over 30 years ago. Originally known as Colour Masters, the small painting company was started by master painter Carlos Matchain after spending years learning the craft under some of the best painters the Chicagoland area had to offer. Slowly the company would grow to handle all sorts of residential and commercial projects. Never having any marketing budget the company survived solely on the praise and recommendations of our valued clients. At the age of 16 Carlos’ son Eli started working with the company on his summer breaks. After high school and testing the waters of college Eli realized that was not the life he wanted. Instead his son dove head first into all things construction taking part in all facets  of the building trades from rough carpentry, such as framing and deck building, to sheet rocking and taping, to interior finish construction such as tile and finish carpentry. Eli soaked up all the information he could and eventually finding his passion in finish carpentry. Carlos’ other son Eliu would follow a similar path to his older brother’s eventually working for the family business after college. In 2017 the brothers decided to rebrand Colour Masters into CM Casa as a nod and homage to the company their father built but also to reflect the change in the company after years of providing an array of carpentry services on top of our painting service.
  To this day it is still a family run shop offering the Chicagoland area a service built on best practices, knowledge and expertise. It’s truly been a labor love for the family to keep traditions of craftsmanship and pride in well built spaces made of quality materials alive in an ever changing world of ‘diy friendly’ products, which is fancy marketing speak for poor quality, cheaply made and meant for disposing when the next trend comes around. From the study of traditional millwork profiles to the correct scale architectural decor for the space it’s in to providing clients with in depth knowledge of the paints and products they are choosing for their homes. This is more than just work it’s a passion for us.




There is a time for tradition and a time for innovation. Tasks that were notorious for creating dust are now a thing of the past with the advancement in power tool engineering and these are tools we have invested in to ensure proper dust extraction.